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I struggle to find a word better than endorsement, healing, improving, appreciation or maybe share your results and why, if I had room. This is for the benefit of new onlookers, here for the first time. They may overlook my words but may take yours to heart. This may help someone try a little harder or reach a little farther into that danger area. Who knows?

This is a beginning list and anyone who wants to recommend or even wants to pass on, that this blog has helped them, please write in. Many things have been erased out of my control, so feel free to add what you thinks helps.

Also, I would like to invite ideas you have that may be helpful. We travel this path together everyday.


It certainly is Wonderful when we can honestly see the positive results of our efforts and Marty, you sure do deserve all the compliments and beneficial feed back that you are receiving – the Blog is A Good Thing, has Its own Energy and is definitely Bloosoming…Congradulations, Alex


Hi Marty, thank you for your posts, I read them in the morning while I’m having a cup of tea, and they ground me and give me energy to continue with my own healing. Thank you so much, Ali

Hi Marty

Shame vs. Guilt, very topical for me as I’ve almost finished reading Shame The Power of Caring by Gershen Kaufman. Thanks for listing it in your books section.

I had so many aha moments…and it was a revelation to begin to understand how my sense of self has evolved into who I am today.

Meditation has been like magic for me….after four months my nervous system has calmed down. Now when I feel my thoughts taking over, I say to myself, “I am strong”, and focus on breathing.




Marty, I love the post and feel a lot of proudness – wonderful feelings of you and the blog – you save my live

Thanks for giving and sharing!

Submitted on 2011/08/01 at 5:25 pm

Marty, lovely, personal and human – for me it is much easier to understand your advice and how you use your tools? But I also like your post – guiding with no personal reference and actions – they have been very important for me when I was searching in the dark for the way out, when I lose my focus and direction and so on. There are – in my world – not only one way to contribute, to act, to be human and personal and so on. Thanks Anneli

My body is my body and finds enjoyment, all that is beautiful and meaningful, heat inboard encloses than more of the full me with burgeoning pride and joy.

This record is dedicated to Marty, who asked me if I had the opportunity to be without the thought in three months. My reply was that I have no choice, I am looking for the path that can reduce my mental suffering and give me the ability to make me feel alive, find meaning of life. He guided me and I found “A Way Out”.


Thanks for helping me through this. Since I started on this journey it has felt like very small baby steps, and I was really afraid. But, now I feel like a few good people are helping me on these first steps, and you are definitely there as a guiding light and hand.

I appreciate the encouragement. I will incorporate meditation, aerobic exercise, and a reward for my effort, but right now my current living situation is not conducive to my healing. I only have 16 more days of this, and then my family will be in a much healthier place, where I have more control over the mood, schedule, and overall running of the household.

I feel very lucky to have come across this blog. And I feel very lucky for each and every person that reaches out to me. I will keep trying to heal, and I will never give up.

Thank You

With Love Hope & Admiration


Submitted on 2011/11/05 at 12:13 pm

you give hope in hopeless times with your articles.


“Practice this skill as though your life depended on it” – I love this. There’s some quote, and I forget who it is by, but its something like: “Have the discipline your breath has to you lungs”Love this stuff! I think the two biggest reasons I love your posts is #1 – you keep me reminded, I look forward to them every day!#2 – The breathing model is something we can attain, practice, it is not overwhelming. It is very doable 🙂

Thanks for making this blog! I will be checking in quite frequently!

Rick Appleton:

Fromte Chronic Pain page at the top of the blog:
Everything in this article is true! I personally witnessed Marty go through this. My name is Rick and I was in the same pain management group when I met Marty and he can a test to the fact that I was close to death! A lot closer then I am today. Let me explain…
I have had 5 back surgery’s. I have a Med. Pump implanted in me which was maxed out feeding me Dilotded 24 hours a day and a spinal cord stimulator implanted in me and at the time I was taking Morphine,Percocet pulse Soma nothing helped the pain! I wanted to die! I thought my life was over. I was only 34 when I got hurt at work and after 8 years of uncertainty and the thought of not being able to provide for my family I was at my end! I met Marty in my pain management group and I saw someone who had a way out! I started to walk more and stop felling sorry for myself and realized there is more to life and I cant give up! Now I’m 51 years old, Marty and I still keep in touch even though I live in TX. now. I visit with him every time I get back home. I am now doing some Acting in films and enjoying life with out all the drugs.
Thanks Marty


I want to thank you for your wonderful site/blog Marty. Marty, I’ve been doing alot of research on C-PTSD, and your site truly is unique, both in its first-voice quality and its warmth of clarity. I’ll be coming back here–for sure.

      Vicky Morgan:

This is great stuff-useful everyday stuff-thanks for the edits. I am PTSD and work on myself daily this helps a lot!


Submitted on 2011/07/29 at 1:22 pm

thankyousomuchmarty. am so troubled and injured sometimes it seems an overwhelming task to get well. but often, i wish to begin with not caring what others say to or about me. i really like this posed comment. just reading it helps me feel more empowered. this website has helped me enormously – i can relate to so much that is written. againthankyousomuchmarty.


i recently created a list of current personal focal points. the list was not numbered and has since been tweeked reflectng the outcome of positive realizations, progress, and epiphanies.  this website influences my daily existence (even on days i do not visit it). as i continue to survive enormous challenges.  one line of the list – sort of words to live by at this time – is “nurture that which nurtures”.  as i read descriptioins of how the breathing track works, one thought keeps rising.  the breathing track is for me similarly soothing to the rare experience of making eye contact with a kindered soul.  except the breathing track is available every second of every day.   so i nurture the breathing track and it nurtures me.

Fifteen and a half hours into my 70th year, I find myself filled with a soothing, positive and vibrating energy that wants to Celebrate Life. Marty and his deeply affirming Blog has helped me in untold ways – experiencing myself as a positive force that no longer needs or wants to experience that jolt of cortisole or that negative back-handed self judgement that has never served me in any benefitual way. Following the breath on The Breathing Track has and continues to capture my imagination – it entises me into a calming, so friendly and focused state of mind that either absorbs or reflects away unuseful negative input – it’s something like a shield and in a sense a protector and a place that will always accept me and welcome me in it’s swirling rhythms. So I Celebrate my life today in Wonderment and Great Appreciation for my dear friendship with a terriffic guy that walks his talk in a Most Miraculous Manner….Sat Nam Marty, Alex


so happy to find ur blog…i live with chronic anxiety and find that I often feel the exact same feelings resurfacing as an adult. I write a lot about it in my blog

daughters of borderline mothers. I am so happy to find a blog with solutions!!
So grateful..will check in often


Well you are special. Not everyone has that willpower. And not everyone has the conviction in what they are doing is the right thing. Because of your faith and belief in the track, it inspired me to try it.

For years, maybe my whole life, I doubted every decision I made. I couldn’t trust myself.
Yet another unexpected, wonderful effect; faith in myself :)

Anneli again:

Dear Marty, how would I ever be able to thank you for my life, for my healing and to be a free person!

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  1. Posted by fikadax on November 16, 2011 at 6:59 pm

    Lovely to read about these people, thanks for sharing …. important to feel, feel people in same situation ….

  2. Posted by alex on November 18, 2011 at 2:13 am

    I have been meaning to share some of my recent experiences concerning Emptiness and It’s meaning in my life – my quest into mindfulness started about 45 years ago with A Biography of a Yogi, into becoming a student then teacher of Kundilini Yoga, Course of Miracles, Tai Chi (sword form), Feldenkrais and Reiki student, into sitting in a Zen Center and recently working with Marty. The past two months have been emotionally intense having to move (with piano) on short notice and then finding out I can’t collect unemployment because I can’t work, as I’m recoving from a complex lower back operation. During this time many deep seated raw feelings of insecurity, terror and negative self-worth arose and needed to be dealt with, much like looking into the eyes of that attaching Lion.

    I have always been fascinated with the Infinity sign especially in my piano and tai Chi work. Marty took that symbol and directed the breath to follow this symbols outline, with an equal inhale and exhale. What captured my imagination about this method of following the breath is that it is on a continum and it is so very lyrical in it’s sweeps and suspensions. My concentration held fast and steady on this figure and suddenly one day I found that I was not Thinking about Anything, like a zero point or what Zen might call Emptiness. Then the most wonderful Surprise accured – out of this nothingness came a simple yet profound sense of Creative Energy which could be most closely heard in my piano playing, a new passion, a new understanding of the composers intent and a longer flexible musical line could be woven.

    So much has happened that is Life Changing. Being Blessed to having a Friend and follow searcher as Marty has been a tremdous Help. I plan to be more active on this ever expanding inspiring Blog and want to encourage all of you Warriors to open up more speciffically about your struggles and concerns. Dialogue is so important. Marty will do everything within reason to help. He has faced and confronted his demons, done Extensive Reading and is a person filled with Loving Kindness – he has gained a tremdious insight in how to heal oneself of CPTSD – Thanks, Alex

  3. Please share the changes you feel now, for example what does your inner dialogue look like now. Changes?
    How about the opportunity you see now compared to before.

    what changed in such a short time since you have searched many formal meditative venues for decades. Why do you think this major change happened. Did you do something?

    Please share the feeling of tranquility to just to look out my back yard area without worry, concern or thought?

    Please share the two weeks of integrating and how healing is sort of crazy with trauma exiting our bodies.

    Plase share what happened when you stopped the sideways negativity that always was present?

    What is the difference in the shower in the morning with your inner dialogue as it views the coming day?

    Was the reward worth the journey?

    Are these tools something you will continue to practice daily forever?

  4. Posted by alex on November 20, 2011 at 4:44 pm

    Will be happy to start sharing some of my experiences: my inner dialogue has been altered considerably since I have been able to focus on my breath using the Infinity Model, which captured my complete attention and allowed me to go deeper and deeper into myself and reconnect to my Higher Self, that which has no jugement or critical voice. That along with facing the negative thoughts and being able to be with them revealed that they where only phantoms and mostly of no value ie I realized that so much energy can be saved and the best answers I needed really emerged out of Silence void of self critizism so my inner dialogue is now so much more refreshing and vibrant and opportunity surrounds us all as we connect to who we really are though awarness and concertration – more later – Thanks – Alex

  5. I just found this page on your blog Marty. This really is a LIFE CHANGING blog!

  6. Posted by susanraustocker on August 13, 2022 at 2:22 pm

    Marty, I appreciate our reading each other’s posts. It takes all of us working together, holding each other, encouraging each other. Thank you for encouraging me by reading what I have to contribute, and now that I’ve found your blog, I’ll be doing the same for you. Peace, my friend. Susan

  7. Thanks

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