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The Frozen Mind of PTSD



My first surge of PTSD happened over a decade ago. My therapist was flexible and had many therapies we worked through.

She encouraged me to look outside the box, to search holistic and intuitive healers.

Here are some of the therapies I tried: Emotional Freedom Technique, TFT, EMDR, hypnosis, cranial sacral, acupuncture, CBT, Acceptance and Committment Therapy, EDIT, bio feedback, holistic, two intuitives and a daily meditation practice.

Some gave me incremental improvement, some did nothing. That’s fairly normal I would guess.

I gave all out effort with everyone of these healing paths.

Now, another trauma has exploded and my skills have not worked. Going back to therapy only helped for a few days.

My daily meditation practice gives me some quiet for short periods but the thoughts run full blast for days.

My brain is overloaded, stressed, confused and partly frozen.

It feels hopeless at times.

In the midst of this, I still try to improve. I have learned to never give up along time ago.

I meditate, let thoughts go, try all I can to distract my mind and exercise till near exhaustion some days.

The battle continues, living like this is painful, happiness is never glimpsed from this cavern.

Giving up would be disastrous, I can not change that fact.



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