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Trauma: Sexual Assault


Brene Brown:

When women talk about the shame of being sexually abused or raped, they associate most of the shame with the pain of being defined by their trauma.

The events are, of course, horrific and can have a lasting effect.

But the social-community reaction to their experience—and the attendant loss of identity and the right to “be normal”—is just as painful, and often produces the more enduring shame.

• If she has a father who could do that do her, what does that mean about her?

• She’ll never be the same—she’s damaged.

• She’ll never be whole after that.

• I don’t see how she’ll ever be a good__________(fill in the blank: mother, partner, vice president).”

My two cents: How do we construct our self-image after trauma?

Is the “She will never be the same” accurate?

How do our family, our peers, our friends treat us after shameful trauma?

Are we defined by this experience?

I know my college girlfriend being gang raped was never the same.



Ptsd on Campus: Rape and Gangrape

Pixabay: geralt



PTSD by definition is irrational.

It is a survival reaction when no real danger exists.

Life is irrational inside my trauma, experiencing the event.

My girlfriend was gangraped at a frat house.

I saw what it did to her, I experienced the assault through the damage it did to her.

They bragged about what they did on that small campus, gangrape was not enough to fulfill their brutal lust, public ridicule and humiliation was added.

Now, this event and the terror and humiliation I felt are alive like it was yesterday.

That is irrational but the drugs and movie that plays brings enormous sadness.

One gals dreams ended that night.

I witnessed a kind 19 year old girl be destroyed emotionally.

She was never the same.

Life’s value took a big hit for me. Nothing I could accomplish could fix or change what happened to her.

Life is so cruel at times.

Life would never be same for her or me.

Rationally I know this has no power in this moment but it brings a deep deep sadness to my soul.

No,wonder I buried this.

Comments or opinions are welcomed.

How does It make you feel?



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