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Trauma is delayed until later in life

At the beginning of a Band of Brothers episode, a few of the actual soldiers gave short interviews.

One older gentleman talked about seeing death everywhere, your buddies blew apart.

He was one of the lucky ones who this gore did not impact when it happened, but later in life things changed.

His face distorted, tears rolled down uncontrollably, the horror of a 50-year-old war was alive, and it had great power, held intense fear and loss.

His trauma is different but the fear I carry is similar, the haunted look on a lost soul is the same.

This old soldier just broke down like he was a small child, helpless and suffering.

His flashbacks and thoughts dominated his life, sleeping brought nightmares.

It is irrational, abstract, and stored without conscious access.

These vets suffer, numb themselves with drugs and alcohol, suicides rates skyrocket.

In war we teach young kids how to kill, we never give them counsel on how to mentally handle killing another human being.

For abused kids, childhood is our battlefield.

No deaths or gore, it’s not lethal trauma, the physical abuse uses no weapons, rather paddling devices combined with emotional abuse.

Realize Ptsd gets progressively worse as time goes along unless some healing is taking place.

Life is filled with pain, fear, worry, and unworthiness, suffering is a daily event.

We did not go to war, we were born into abuse.

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