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The Grinch visited my household last night!!,

Three days before Christmas, after five at night, a process server knocked on our door. The hospital was serving a garnishment claim from an emergency room, ICU visit.

Let me ask your opinion on the way our hospitals are treating us. What is the rationale in this example.

A single mom with three kids under six has to quit her career, her job because of garnishments from the local hospital.

She can not afford to pay the babysitter with what is left of her check. How do you pay rent or buy food? Does illness sentence us to poverty. A family to homelessness?

Does a family deserve annihilation because of illness?

Are these doctors and hospitals healers?

A recent front page article, detailed how the corporately owned hospital made record profits.

An illness these days can destroy not only you but your whole family.

With excellent insurance, I am still making payments for my Guillian Beret illness, ICU stay from two full years ago.

Deductibles can run over $10,000 now.

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