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Do you feel understood, safe, and respected by people?..


People think Healing is a simple action, we are weak in their minds.

All we have to do is not think about the abuse or abuser.

People do not understand Complex PTSD, serious childhood abuse, or us.

If it were a physical wound, a big nasty boil, or maybe us in a wheelchair, people would treat us differently.



Tell a woman who was sexually molested by her dad to just stay present and not think about it.

In my mind that is cruel and damaging, uninformed.

We are failures in their judgment.

I know I am for some of my former friends.

I know better than reacting but I get triggered, then anger seeps in.

Navigating people is an adventure and not a pleasant one most of the time.

I wonder if they know the damage that is possible.

I doubt it from their words.

How do we attach to and navigate people, strangers, friends, or enemies?

No wonder we isolate, we want to feel safe, understood, and respected.

Do you feel understood, safe, and respected by people?

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