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PTSD: Our Mood Swings

I have been observing my mind more intently, the inner workings, and the judgments.



Yesterday morning arrived with a feeling of impending doom. A weird uneasy, anxious feeling.

Internal observation showed nothing concrete to trigger this foreboding emotion.

So PTSD, the mental constructs of trauma fuels some of our mood swings.

I could not touch that awkward sensation, that tenseness in the solar plexus, that tightness in the gut, or that panic in my nervous system.

Mechanically, I hiked a little harder to flush out all the poisons and anxiety.

Emotionally, I meditated intently, letting go of all the noise I could.

I expect this unrest as part of life. This is a healthy relationship, rather than resent not being normal.

If I expected a calm and easy flow of my days I would suffer.

Know the mood will shift as always.

Happiness looks different for PTSD sufferers.

Set realistic goals for yourself.

Playing defense is part of coping with PTSD.

Let’s practice observing

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Can you visualize yourself watching a rerun on T.V.?

I can see the back of my head in my favorite chair, watching a rerun of me. Can you see thoughts and emotions happening as you watch you?

Rudid96, the observer is my true self, then who I am observing?

Simple, it is the Ego being observed.

The Ego judges the performance of the rerun, the true self observes without any judgment. So the Ego has judgments and thoughts happening while the true self remains focused.

Practice, this will allow you to step back when a trigger fires or an intrusive thought arrives.

I meditate to develop a space between stimulus and judgment.

A small increment of time so I can decide to act or ignore my Ego’s desire.

Can you observe PTSDs irrational thought process, the intense emotions from a distance?

Are you always part of the process or can you pull away and observe.

Can you focus, take a few focused breaths, and see reality without the Ego’s input?

Practice observing yourself watching T.V.

Can you shut your eyes, take five slow, deep breaths and see your thoughts, your emotions, your affect?

We can impact PTSD symptoms and influence with practice.

My meditation skills have brought me the most relief, given me the ability to focus, not fear triggers firing, striving to improve when things get bad.

Observation does not happen by mistake, it takes daily work to learn then apply it in daily life.

We all can strengthen our observation skills and application.



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