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Self or No-Self: The Great Heart part 1


The deepest dimension — level three: the Self or no-self — is unbounded and infinite, unlike any worldly ocean that has a limit, no matter how vast.

I call this the Great or Universal Heart.

Our oceanic metaphor dissolves here, unable to contain what it points to.

Some Buddhists might call this domain “no-self” in order to avoid making it into a subtle object.

It seems to me that the concepts of Self and no-self point to the same direct realization.

To call this reality the “Self” accents the every-thingness or fullness of our true nature; to call it “no-self” accents its no-thingness or emptiness — both are true depending upon whether we look from the perspective of love or wisdom.

As Nisargadatta Maharaj famously said, “Love says that I am everything.

Wisdom says that I am nothing.

Between the two, my life flows.”



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