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Motives: explore below the surface



I found ulterior motives behind certain desires and behaviors. Nothing sinister or evil, but damaging at times and a total waste of life.

An example: This blog

I started and continue this blog to support others and give back. This seems very noble.

Under the surface, I found my “Ego” wanting relevance, approval and some sort of fame. I yearned secretly for thousands of hits, complimentary responses and iconic status.

Both of these scenarios are part of me, each taking center stage as my day progresses. If I am focused and centered, giving without the need for reward is captain of my ship.

If I am feeling low, adulation sure feels like happiness. Amazing how compliments or praise can make my spirit soar for a brief moment.

What a mirage! That feeling collapses into more need and unwanted feelings, quickly.

That person needing approval is very vulnerable, insecure and not happy.

That person who chases approval never finds enough to make a difference. We search externally to fill our internal condition.

My blog has taught me lessons about myself. Yes sometimes, it is not pretty looking into the reality of our inner world.

The only way to change our inner dialogue is exploration.

Explore your inner world. Look below the surface and find the rest of your motives.

Awareness is always the first step of any journey.

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