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An unguarded, unrestrained mind: Shaila Catherine


“Mindfulness balances the mind, bringing harmony between the extremes of restlessness and sleepiness, agitation and dullness, wanting and not-wanting, doubt and faith.

If your mind is left unguarded and a pleasant thought occurs to you and you are unaware that it has arisen, the mind might begin to go wild: images proliferate; fantasies of pleasure emerge; rippling responses run through the body; tension from grasping forms; concepts of “me and mine” are reinforced.

In an unguarded, unrestrained mind, attention is lost in fantasy.

Although the initial contact may be pleasant, the the associative sequence can create a wake of mental agitation; suffering results.

The problem is not that a pleasant thought arises; the problem is that the mind is unprotected.

When mindfulness is absent or muddled, clinging finds an opportunity, and identification with the experience ensues.

Urgency, urgency, urgency



Something I never experienced in a chiropractors or therapist office is urgency.

Many times someone would say, I have been in therapy for 17 years, feeling proud of the effort, I think.

Their mouths drop when I ask, why they never thought 17 years and no improvement was a failure.

Many believe the therapist is responsible for healing, so we keep going, waiting for them to heal us. It will never happen.

Urgency starts with taking responsibility for your healing.

I was a pro athlete, we trained in the off season to improve our weaknesses for next season. If the new season does not bring improvements, we will change our program.

We put in the work and we expect results.

No matter the path you choose, expect results.

Have the courage to change, to adapt, to add urgency.

I expect my therapist to care and want me to heal as quick as possible.

My healing had the highest level of urgency.

If yours is not, better rethink your path.

Have a purpose, feed it urgency with daily work.



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