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How much of mental life occurs outside of Consciousness?

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“Much of mental life (over 99%) occurs outside of conscious awareness, and this is true for feelings and emotions too.”

Excerpt from Arnie Kozak, Dukkha (Suffering)
My two cents: I find that percentage way to high, but it must be very high, very subversive to our wellbeing.

Neuroscientists tell us 60,000 thoughts cross our paths every day, emanating from this unending subconscious source. Netherland, maybe.


My next question would be, how much does our mental life impact our real life, our moment to moment existence, decisons, wellbeing, our ability to be happy?


For me, my childhood trauma lived entirely in my subconscious for five decades, dormant but alive subconsciously.


At 55 PTSD burst into my consciousness while experiencing a family crisis.


Mental disorders are definitely anchored in our subconscious, ghosts of memories past.


Time for me to get on my Bandwagon: Meditation, focusing intently on the breath, explores our subconscious, thoroughly in due time.


Healing was a process of uncovering the hidden source of my traumas, then integrating them to current time.


Without my meditation practice, I would not have healed.


It was not the only source of healing but it made it possible for therapy to work, for me to face my fight or flight mechanism and to explore my subconscious (inner) world.


Some of my subconscious has become known to me, the massive pile has shrunk and with that came freedom, not complete freedom but some.


Chasing our hidden fears is not a challenge for the faint of heart, courage and daily action are required to succeed.

How many people devote any time exploring their mental condition?


Surely not 99%!

If 99% occurs outside of conscious awareness, how can we not explore What shapes our life?

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