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Is their Purpose in our PTSD suffering, meaning?



I asked my therapist about me finding meaning or purpose in my suffering. He chuckled, amazed that I thought there was a meaning for my suffering, that it even mattered in recovery.

Must be a disconnect between theory and reality.

My suffering in childhood did not lead to any joyful moments, did not lead to me becoming something special. Life was painful, I felt unworthy, hopeless and depressed.

I find a horrific meaning, a terrible result, a life of pain. Where is the good in all of this?

It escapes my feeble traumatized brain. I did nothing to cause my abuse, so finding purpose seems very strange.

This great epiphany of meaning and purpose has eluded me, my trauma ruined my life, if that was the purpose, it succeeded.

oh yes, I know it was not me, it was others mental frailties and issues that caused my Trauma, but the the suffering was mine alone.

Knowing my PTSD is not my fault does nothing to make it better or help me lessen the pain.

my therapist did say this quarantine has exacerbated all his trauma clients and especially his complex PTSD patients.

He said it will get worse before improving, so set expections.

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