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Picture a special room filled with special air!

Picture a special room filled with special air, air-filled with inner peace (happiness).


It is a special mix, only absorbed when the mind is focused, empty, balanced and going slow.



Inhale, hold, absorb, let go, feel the rush.



Maximum absorption comes with daily practice , daily effort, daily desire.



How much would you pay to enter this room for a half hour?



There would be an enormous line to buy this room.



Actually, the room you are in right now is exactly like this special room.



Focus, slow the breath, empty the mind of thoughts and enjoy your inner peace.



Money will not buy your way into this room, only daily practice.


Give the gift of. ________ _______?

I guess this is more of my two cents!


Give yourself the gift of inner peace, that soothing calm, that tranquil knowing, you are complete.



This inner peace releases all those thoughts, all those concerns about ourself and others, all that noise.



Our breath slows, our focus sharpens and our life has sunshine, opportunity.



Inhale, feel the warmth of inner peace, feel the glow, feel your purpose.



You are exactly where you should be in this world, enjoy it!

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