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Fear of failure is a beast!


I was raised by a father whose vehicle to inspire me was criticism. Never good enough for his standards, was my plight. At 40, with a degree in chemistry and seven years of pro baseball under my belt, I felt like a failure.



Fear of failure drove me to outwork, out play, outperform anyone in front of me. It was great for performance, victory. Conditioned love was always up for judgment. If I did not perform well, I was treated harshly.


My father never wanted me to feel comfortable or satisfied I guess, criticism would develop the best athlete. Many fathers in the Midwest treated their sons harshly.


My healing was not easy. For a type A personality, a devoted overachiever, healing meant not overachieving. It was extremely difficult to stop judging myself.


Fear of failure craves approval. Approval is external and out of our control.


Now, I have found compassion meditation, showering myself with inner peace.


This care circuit has opened easily and builds quickly so far.


Inner peace was completely foreign to my being. When the first waves of warmth appeared, I was startled and relieved.



Never did I think, a time would come when I was fine, complete, not at risk for a moment.


Never give up, never give in, exhaust all effort, let yourself feel inner peace.

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