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Baseball now: where the best cheaters win

Astros won’t give back World Series trophy but scandal will taint title forever



The other day someone accused me of having a problem with fairness.

My problem, as a former athlete, I wanted to beat the best at their best, fairly. Anything less is unfulfilling I thought.

But today cheating, taking steroids or using high powered cameras to steal signals has helped two World Series champs win their tittles.

Why would I want to participate or watch a rigged event.

Baseball has lost its soul, destroyed a record book that detailed a century of the game.

Steroids doubled the home run output for a decade and a half, destroying the fairly earned records of past stars.

I mean do you look in the mirror and say I am proud of what, “Cheating”.

Nothing extraordinary about cheating, nothing to celebrate for me.

The integrity of baseball has taken a huge hit from these cheaters.

The credibility of the game is on the line, well some of its credibility has been lost.

Like in the steroid situation, the players union defend the cheaters while ignoring its honest union members.

If I know what pitch is coming, my ability to hit increases exponentially.

Big responsibility here to the game, to fans, to being a role model. That’s a joke.



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