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PTSD: Expectations

Does PTSD or do we lower expectations? I am way too close to decipher.

The bottom line, we avoid till life feels safe.

I think expectations are connected to desires. Desires expand expectations, whether satisfaction follows or not.

Complex PTSD narrows our lives, restricts our expectations.

I know why sufferers numb themselves into oblivion or kill themselves.

We have very dark moments, weaknesses and incredibly powerful chemicals that reinforce those negative thoughts.

It is not a fulfilling life, not a happy existence, it is a vast empty desert.

Our lack of attachment is startling, we can exist with minimal contact.

At times we avoid public spaces, crowds, theaters, etc.

Life feels safer this way.

Facing my fears, using exposure therapy for my triggers, calmed my nervous system.

Unfortunately, it did not heal my PTSD.

Any further healing for me will come from opening my heart or a spiritual healing not more therapy.

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