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The Relationship between Ego and PTSD



One Ego is never equal to another Ego, here in lies the rub of life.

Sit down at a table of ten people and our Ego will rank where we fit in, before we can even think.

The Ego is our ultimate comparing machine. He/She is the one who gets pissed, angry, upset, jealous and resentful.

Not knowing and not caring about our wellbeing is another trait of our created identity figure, our Ego.

Inside our brain (mind) trauma (PTSD) wants top billing, wants all the oxygen in the room. He gets that and more at times.

Our Ego’s Goal is always to dominate our life with tons of thought. Ego’s want total control of our mind.

PTSD gives our Ego total control of our being at times.

My Ego wants to convince me, my trauma is worse than others PTSD.

Suffering more helps my Ego stay in power.

Our Ego distorts the damage past trauma has done.

Take a step back and observe how your Ego impacts PTSD.

It takes a lot of inward exploration to solve the riddle of our created Ego!



Who am “I”. … … … . .He/She is created not real!!!

By Hartmut Tobies

The smallest answer, description for me is, my true self, my soul, my spirit is present with all my emotions at the ready, and few of my judgments.

Besides that, the real me, my spirit, my soul is perfect and exists without needing an “Ego”, an “I”.

The true self is the seat of power. The “Ego” can not exist on its own. We can easily.

My spirit is alert, in the moment, empty, calm, open..
In my mind, My true self is more gas than solid.

My true self is more like air than a wall.

My true self is more chameleon, less sycophant.

My true self is more abstract than solid.

My true self is more big picture much less specific, detailed.

My true self is more flexible less rigid.

My true self is more resilient less anxious.

My true self is more action less avoidance.

My true self is more open less judgmental.

My true self is more alive less sad, lethargic.


“I” am narrow, rigid, judgmental, adolescent, and “I” ruminate daily.

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