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Developmental Trauma Disorder A new, rational diagnosis for children with complex trauma histories.



This is an interesting read by the guy who wrote “The Body Keeps the Score”

Bessel A. van der Kolk, MD


“Chronic trauma interferes with neuro-biological development (Ford, see page xxx) and the capacity to integrate sensory, emotional and cognitive information into a cohesive whole. Developmental trauma sets the stage for unfocused responses to subsequent stress, leading to dramatic increases in the use of medical, correctional, social and mental health services.

People with childhood histories of trauma, abuse and neglect make up almost the entire criminal justice population in the US.

Physical abuse and neglect are associated with very high rates of arrest for violent offenses.

In one prospective study of victims of abuse and neglect, almost half were arrested for nontraffic-related offenses by age 32.

Seventy-five percent of perpetrators of child sexual abuse report to have themselves been sexually abused during childhood.

These data suggest that most interpersonal trauma on children is perpetuated by victims who grow up to become perpetrators or repeat victims of violence. This tendency to repeat represents an integral aspect of the cycle of violence in our society.



My two cents: We never turn out neutral, we either repeat the abuse or we do the opposite.

I can hardly stand to see others suffer.

For us this must be a triumph not to abuse others reading these patterns of behavior.


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