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is the 

little voice 

at the end 

of the day

that says 

I’ll try 


-Mary Anne Radmacher

My two cents: People trying to heal from PTSD, lay their heads down on their pillow feeling this sentiment.

Even though hope of healing maybe be far fetched, we need to be open to opportunity.

I try to heal some everyday, in the face of things not changing lately.



Things that keep me alive



I know results are beyond my influence, but effort, the amount of time and energy devoted to healing are not.

We can be frustrated as hell, triggered past frozen, hopeless, but our willpower is still capable of taking action and resisting.

This battle goes unnoticed by regular people. If we need comfort from others for our PTSD, we will suffer.

Realize this is an internal journey, this healing path we have taken.

We may get direction and skills from therapists, books, a group or from a blog, but no one else can heal us.

Many times, I have found myself wiped out, exhausted, emotionally terrorized, my only saving grace, was not giving up.

I Refused to let my father, Bernie win. My Father is my trauma, if I give up he does win.

If we give up our abusers win. I truly believe this.

That phrase saved my ass more than once.

If you want to heal, you must take action, you must go towards the fear.

This is the road less traveled.

Of all those who suffer from PTSD, few travel this road.

Rejoice if you are taking action, trying to heal, being braver than ever before, recognize the effort to be happy in the face of terror.



The challenge: can we take action

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Experiencing one’s own inadequacies and still going on in spite of them are two of the greatest achievements of adulthood. Success in many ways, is not as important as failure and how you handle it.

–Robert Hand




My two cents: It is the same with courage, it is needed when we feel the most vulnerable, most afraid.

Courage looks different when facing PTSD.

We need to be brave enough to focus and face our fears.

Choosing to be open and vulnerable in the face of a trigger exploding, takes courage.

It is the road less travelled.



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