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The Book of Awakening: Mark Nepo; Choices?



“Yet we tend to lose our way when faced with choices.

Tension builds around decisions because we quickly sort and name one way as good and another as bad. This quickly twists into an either/or sense that one way is right and another is wrong.

In prizing what we prefer, we start to feel a thirst for something particular, which getting we call “success,” and a fear of not getting it, which we then call “failure.”

From all this, we begin to feel the tightening pressure not to make a terrible mistake.

Thus, we are often stymied and confused because we forget that—beneath our sorting of everything into good and bad, right and wrong, success and failure—all the choices still hold the truth and strength of life, no matter what we prefer.

To be certain, sharing a common beat does not mean that everything is the same, for things are infinite in how they differ.

And faced with the richness of life, we can’t value everything the same.

But when we believe that only what we want holds the gold, then we find ourselves easily depressed by what we lack.

Then we are pained by what we perceive as the difference between here and there, between what we have and what we need.

We still need to discern the ten thousand things we meet, but holding them to the light of our heart, we can say, “Not Two! Only One!” and realize there are no wrong turns, only unexpected paths.”

Extra credit:






Be a giver not a taker

Covet gratitude not resentment.

Default to kindness not revenge.

Smile freely resist frowning.

Acceptance over rejection.

Journey together not in competition with others.

Keep the mind slow, calm, let the body race as fast as it wants.

Always be supportive, reject criticizing.

Be humble not arrogant.

Heal rather than suffer.

Hug yourself and smile.



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