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People tell me PTSD is a choice

Friends tell me PTSD is a choice, choose not to think about PTSD and it will disappear.

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I am lost I guess, after a decade of work, PTSD being a choice is the farthest from the truth in my trauma world.

I get frustrated with the simplistic solutions that do not work for me.

My PTSD runs on its own without any help from me. I have been asked if I really want to heal or do I want to suffer with PTSD.

How do you answer such an uniformed insult?

We are supposed to ignore our trauma, our triggers and assume a normal posture, a normal life.

At my worst, my fight or flight firing 15 times a day, my body filled with cortisol and adrenaline, agoraphobia took root.

Somehow, someway, my desires should go back to normal.

My desires have never been normal, my life has never been normal, abuse always nullified desire for me.

I tried to not think about PTSD yesterday.

Is there something I am missing like this is a cure.

Nothing changed.

People do not understand violent childhood abuse.

This isolates me more, my tendency is to pull away from these voices.

My life, my PTSD, frustrates people, there is always an answer, always a cure, always a happy ending.

Damn what a life this is.



Is PTSD a choice?



A friend told me, PTSD or not, we all have a choice. That hit a nerve, do I really have a choice?

Can I decide not to have PTSD?

I sure wasted a decade of therapy and practice, if it’s true.

I have never read PTSD is a choice or heard a therapist describe PTSD this way.

Therapy would be quick and simple.

One or two sessions would heal us.

Do you think you can choose not to have PTSD?

Seems others think I am weak minded, flawed, incapable of choosing.

Friends can do more damage with their words.

Not safe to share our trauma with others.

One more time, it is not safe to trust others.





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