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How do we deal with Change



Nothing we can achieve stays the same. The perceived importance of my baseball career is a distant memory of little importance.

When I was young, I saw myself as a pro athlete, my “Egos” assumed identity. Seems such a narrow and rigid description of me now.

That must be wrong, my broken body filled with chronic pain has little athletic talent left.

Who am I, then.

I sure am not the “Ego” I created.

Where do we find purpose after our original creation of “Ego” no longer fits.

If I perceive myself as this or that, does my behavior have to mirror that creation?

Am I a failure if my creation fails to live up to the hype.

Seems I have created a prison of thought for myself.

No worries, we can drop the pretense of importance and just be present.

I am happiest when thought is let go and my senses dominate my consciousness.



Change: Do you Resist Change?



Change is the one constant we can count on.

We resist change at every turn, like swimming upstream all of our life.

We resist the inevitable and suffer.

Common sense tells us we are totally different at age 5 than 15 and definitely different at 68.

Why do we fear change so much, resist at all costs.

We humans seem to covet control with a vengeance.

It is like we want to know the numbers to the lottery to keep the current status quo.

Whatever our status, we resist any change like change is harmful.

Change is ever present, happening as we try to slow its progress.

Look at the energy we expend to keep the status quo, even when our status sucks.

We choose to suffer a known existence rather than risk change.

Can you tolerate accepting change?

Can you be present, curious about whatever external stimuli is present.

Change happens in this moment, we miss it because we are ruminating in the past or predicting the future.

We miss change when we refuse to stay present.

Change happens naturally for a seasoned meditator.

Change is normal for those who have learned where happiness thrives.



Enquiring Minds want to know: Change



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How many people make a significant change in their life? What percentage would you assign to change?


Why do you think change is such a monumental task?


I know that human nature would rather endure a known suffering than risk change, even if change would benefit us.


This must be the road less traveled.


I have opined in many posts about taking risks and improving.


Looking deep inside yourself, what needs to happen for you to risk change?


It is different for all of us.


Therapists I have asked, say 5% of clients do the work and risk change.


We go crazy about politics but look at how few vote.


Are we drawn to the easy way out, seeking pleasure, avoiding anything awkward or difficult.


I know some of the greatest, most satisfying lives have been filled will difficulty, loss and drama. Lincoln, Mother Theresa, and Mandela come to mind.


Maybe if we increased our gratitude and giving, change would be easier.

Please share your thoughts on change.

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