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Omnipotent, Kryptonite, and Boredom


Excerpt from “The Sweet Spot” the pleasures of suffering and the search for meaning

“The impossibility of failure is one of the weaknesses of daydreaming.

The behavioral economist and psychiatrist George Ainslie once complained that daydreams suffer from a “shortage of scarcity.”

We can choose to put ourselves into a bind, but we can also choose to get out of it.

This freedom can strip away much of the pleasure we get from solitary fantasy. This is why, in case you were wondering, omnipotence is boring.

If there were no kryptonite, who would care about Superman’s adventures?

Actually, true omnipotence would be misery.

There is an old Twilight Zone episode that elaborates on this point.

A gangster dies and, to his surprise, wakes up in what seems to be paradise.

He gets whatever he wants—sex, money, power.

But boredom sets in, and then frustration, and finally he tells his guide that he doesn’t belong in heaven.

“I want to go to the other place,” he says.

And his guide responds that this isn’t heaven; he is already in the other place.



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