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Constructing your Affirmation

A few affirmation samples: In this moment, right now, I surround myself with kindness and an invincible coat of worthiness!



Next: This is from Browneyedgirl, a follower:
“I create my own affirmations by looking inside of myself and thinking about what my fears, worries, and concerns are.

Once I know what they are I create an affirmation to fill in that space, and eventually, I am whole again in that area.

For example, about my fears regarding my abuser, I feel trapped, threatened, and hurt.

I explored those feelings further as they came up anytime HE came up in my head, and eventually, I created this affirmation,

“ I forgive you for what you have done to me and I am safe.”

When I say this to myself, I usually end up imagining I am on an island, with a willow tree and a small cottage.

For me, that image provides a sort of sanctuary for my spirit and soul.”

Lastly, another one of my old affirmations: I strive to love all of me every day and often.

I am perfect. My feelings and emotions are impermanent, weak, and fleeting – without real power.

My true self is the only permanent thing about me.

I am striving to live each minute in the present, bringing awareness to my mind.

My inner self guides me and is always present in this moment.


Affirmations should speak to you on an emotional level.

Word selection is specific to our experience.

Get a chair, go into the bathroom, sit down in front of the mirror.

Look into your eyes and repeat your affirmation out loud.

See how awkward that feels at first.

Happy healing!

New Years Resolution for PTSD



Do you want to heal (improve)? How badly, I would ask?

Our trauma patterns, our everyday habits, will not change with half ass effort.

Will not change, if we give up when things get difficult.

Our resolution has to be a dedicated daily effort or PTSD wins easily.

Do we need to add courage as part of our resolution?

Definitely we need willpower, the desire to heal has to Outwiegh our fears.

Part of our resolution has to include taking action with our new direction.

Next, write it down, display it in plain view. Hold yourself accountable, keep a daily journal.

We will need skills. Research and practice. Meditation/Mindfulness was my cornerstone of daily effort and healing.

Lastly, we need purpose.

Our purpose must be unwavering, trauma brings imminent danger when confronted.

Realize this journey is arduous and scary, purpose must be bulletproof.

Start with a daily affirmation, repeated, recorded, and played back throughout the day.

This is such an easy way to jump start self image and attitude.

In this moment, right now I feel my body overflowing with kindness, approval and safety.”

Customize your resolution, add the words that mean something to you. Love is a word that does not connect for me, kindness and approval come across as organic and soothing.

What I control: If I get up each day with a good attitude and give all out effort, then I have done my best.

There is satisfaction and wellbeing in this effort alone.

I can not guarantee results but attitude and effort, I do control.

Assess what you control, place effort into these actions.



Affirmations, adapt one for yourself



I strive to love all of me every day and often.

I am perfect. My feelings and emotions are impermanent, weak and fleeting – without real power.

My true self is the only permanent thing about me.

I am striving to live each minute in the present, bringing awareness to my mind.

My inner self guides me and is always present in this moment.

Everything fades, clearing this moment for opportunity to fully blossom.

My true self is the power of my organism and I bring stillness everyday to my quiet mind.

I try my best everyday with calm, experiencing life as a miracle.

Thoughts are delusions, powerless next to my true self.

Living in the moment solves all things, permitting them to exist on their own.

I am responsible for me, period. Others are responsible for their actions without my involvement.

In this moment right now, I surround myself with a blanket of kindness, I shower myself with approval.

Share yours please.




Taking any action moves us out of the victimhood house.



If you suffer from a mental disorder, PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, etc., action is mandated.

How would you describe your situation, if you are not taking any daily action to heal?

That would signal defeat for me, I had quit. I had given up!

Wow, no way I am joining that team.

I rather be dead than live a victims life.

I believe in “Never give in, Never give up” a 1000%.

It is a choice.

If you are not trying, do you expect healing to happen on its own?

Do you think a therapist is going to heal you?

Do you avoid holding yourself responsible.

Victims take no responsibility or daily action to heal.

Healing is a choice to take daily action or surrender.



Add Emotion and Visualize your Affirmation



“First, you need to do more than say the words.

Remember I mentioned that the subconscious learns the most from emotion?

That’s why you need to feel the words.

Imagine how you would feel if the affirmation were absolutely true in your present reality.

Allow yourself to physically feel this emotion.

When it comes to manifesting something into the physical world using affirmations, it helps to close your eyes and visualize with strong images.

In fact, any sensory input you can garner will help–smells, tastes, sounds and textures.

In doing so, you activate the parts of the brain that experience that reality.

The connections made in the brain when you have that experience become strengthened. .

Your brain is literally making it a habit to have that experience.

The deeper and longer you feel, the greater and faster your results.”



My two cents: In this moment, right now, I accept and approve of myself.


I surround myself with a soothing wall of kindness.


I celebrate my ability to live fully, taking risk, enjoying life.


an old koan about a monk and Anger!



excerpt from “Everyday Zen” by Charlotte joko Beck

“There is an old koan about a monk who went to his master and said,

“I’m a very angry person, and I want you to help me.”

The master said, “Show me your anger.”

The monk said, “Well, right now I’m not angry. I can’t show it to you.”

And the master said,

“Then obviously it’s not you, since sometimes it’s not even there.”



my two cents: Emotions are ephemeral, fleeting and transparent, I am so much more than that.

Why not be grateful instead of angry?

Why not be kind instead of feeling sorry for ourself?



Develop a curious mind



Al Siebert trumpets the benefits of having a curious mind as one of the core traits in his book “Survivor Personality”.

A curious, creative mind helped survivors entertain themselves under life threatening circumstances.

Nando Parado in “The Miracle in the Andes” credited his mantra, “As long as I have a breath, I will die one step closer to my father” as sustaining him in toughest times.

The other 16 thought he was crazy. They lived because of his creative mind and incredible desire to think about living, taking action in the midst of their total surrender.

Two more examples: Two Vietnam vets demonstrated what a creative mind does to stay neutral or positive.

One vet created exotic menus for a high class restaurants. Detailed recipes were invented in an attempt to lesson his hunger.

The other vet created a detailed lumber list for building a house he designed. Detailed, down to every last nail.

Prisoners, being captive, held in isolation, creates a situation where the mind either destroys us or saves our sanity and freedom.

A Curious mind is positive, freer, more expansive.

Curious minds seem to be more intuitive, open to searching outside the box.

My meditation/mindfulness practice has freed my mind of varying degrees of worry, doubt, and negative emotion.

This freed up time has been focused on observing and wonderment.

Wonderment is what a child sees or feels when he/she experiences something new for first time. The cognitive thinker has nowhere to file or even define what is observed.

That momentary amazement we call wonderment.

Also referred to as Beginners Mind, seeing, feeling life through the eyes of a child is our goal.

Everything is new, we never surrender to the boredom of repetive chores, work, personal interaction.

I experience doing laundry as a present action, neutral, or with purpose.

My practice has given laundry duties a purpose. Paying attention, hanging up everything neatly, gives me joy.

I am making sure my grandkids look their best.

Laundry was a chore, something where speed to get finished was the primary goal.

Now, doing laundry is completed with no time involved.

I find myself inside the task, mind clear, at ease and focused somehow on the boring chore.

Wish I had this kind of success with other chores (Dishes).

Where does focus and freedom enter your world?

Could be gardening, cooking, a hobby, yoga, a musical instrument, etc.

The mind craves being empty, letting our curiosity run free for short periods of time as an ante for being happy.



Affirmations work

Pixabay: Nasalune-FcK



In this moment right now, I am capable of letting the noise go, I can shower myself with approval.

Say out loud to engage more of the mind.

Record ten affirmations then play back during the day.

Before bed push play again.

Small repetitive, immediate actions move mountains.



Be your own Life coach

Change these behaviors: We eat for a few reasons, to avoid starvation, health and enjoyment. A healthy diet and moderation makes sense.

Three times a week enjoy some rigorous aerobic exercise. At least 30 to 60 minutes a workout. If you have energy yoga or resistance training are wonderful.

Practice meditating a minimum of 15 minutes a day. Bring energy, focus and gratitude to this soothing gift. Apply the awareness you have built during the day.


Calm the mind and try to release your stress.


Can you inspire yourself? Can you approach these challenges with a deep passion. I chose three areas to work on. You can add finances, shopping, planning, etc.


One of the greatest benefits of having a life coach is the demand for action. Many more people would heal if they took daily action.


Look at your practice with gratitude. Make a schedule to hold yourself accountable.

An Affirmation

In this moment, right now, I accept and approve of myself.


I surround myself with a soothing wall of kindness.


Life is a gift to be celebrated.

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