Part 3: Dysfunctional Households or Adult Children of Alcoholics: The Inner Drugstore


Inner Drugstore:

“Emotional Intoxication is getting high on our inner drug store.

The more I understand it, the less it controls me. – (Jarvis)

“Subconsciously” is an important concept here.

Generally, we don’t consciously choose to take these actions.

It may be like breathing.

Our minds are in control of that process, but normally we aren’t consciously aware of taking each breath.

If we were we might have trouble thinking about anything else.

The subconscious mind takes over certain processes.

I think maintaining our “normal” level of emotional intoxication or sobriety may be one of those.

If we were raised in a dysfunctional home, our normal can be anxiety and fear.

And we seek to re-create what is normal for each of us.”
My two cents: This is another reason childhood abuse is so complex and hard to heal.

Abused kids have so much to overcome to just feel like normal kids.

It is a whole childhood, a decade plus of abuse while marinating in those chemicals.

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