Is PTSD fear real?

PTSD is confusing to me, trauma is stored under such duress, fear, and anxiety it is distorted.

We never understand PTSD, we know many things about it, the symptoms, and body mechanisms but solutions and clarity are rare.

Somehow the past comes alive, and an internal battle wages to keep us safe.

Fear and anxiety become unwanted lifelong companions.

Is this fear real?

Is PTSD fear real?

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  1. I wonder how soldiers would describe their PTSD fear.

    I mean they have faced death on a battle field, showed extreme bravery but PTSD is a demon that takes 20 a day by suicide

    More casualties than on the battlefield

    PTSD fear must seem extremely real or distorted like PTSD itself

  2. Is anything real? Is life just a delusion? As a homeopath, we are always interested in our client’s delusions. In fact, we have 3582 symptoms related to delusion. The fear feels real, so it is real. Is the reason for the fear real at the present moment? Not likely.

  3. Thanks, interesting point of view

    Perception is reality I agree

    So is PTSD a delusion?

    It is not normal cognition

    20 vets who commit suicide daily think it’s real

  4. Yes, it is very real. I did a PTSD study including several vets. They have recovered. The VA should be doing SOMETHING else.

  5. VA is overwhelmed
    Vets have started committing suicide in the VA parking lots

    We teach them to kill but not how to handle killing emotionally

  6. They are adding some “integrative therapies”, but they are not including homeopathy. In fact, some colleagues of mine had an agreement on some funding for a PTSD study by the VA, and the VA backed out. This was several years ago. I am told by the vets that I worked with that what I offer is better than what the VA offers.

  7. VA was using CBT and prolonged exposure therapy

    That ignores the new mindfulness based therapies that use CBT

    I think they are understaffed and overwhelmed

    First thing I would do is cut down the daily suicides.

    Or try

  8. Posted by rudid96 on July 28, 2022 at 3:22 pm

    Oh, PTSD is real alright. I believe the best approach is somatic first, followed by inner child work and talk therapy. How can one begin to think clearly when our skin, our entire being is on emotional fire?

  9. Oh I agree

    Somatic using meditation grounded me

    How do you describe the impact PTSD has over us after all the therapies?

  10. Posted by Anonymous on July 28, 2022 at 8:59 pm

    So far, the impact of talk therapy has been that it’s forced me out of my comfort zone and I actually have managed to speak more. It’s heightened my awareness of the issues but when triggered, I sometimes still self-soothe in old, unproductive patterns. Talk therapy (at least with this person) helps me deal with here and now of the toxic family. Where I’ve seen the biggest positive strides in learning self-regulation and self-soothing is with trauma focused somatic coach. She gets it because she’s lived it. The exercises t are incredibly helpful with learning to self connect. Unlike the licensed therapist, the coach is working on IFS. Both IFS and somatic trauma work help calm that Vagus nerve that fires all day, everyday.

  11. Great. Good for you

    I have done this work and work extensively meditating and exploring my inner world

    I know and have calmed my nervous system, engaged my vagus nerve

    All my work has not stopped other symptoms that have become hardened habits

    I avoid, despair and do not risk betrayal even with all my somatic work and inner exploration

    I am left with resentment, anger, and depression

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