Is the cure for PTSD external?

Is the cure for PTSD external?

Do we need the perfect mate, children, a zillion friends, power, success, or what?

What are we missing?

What direction is toward healing?

What external possession or thing, do you think would cure our PTSD?

If PTSD is not a choice, then what are we missing, what holds us back from healing?

For me healing is internal.

Abstract internal things would help heal me.

Trust would be my biggest need, my biggest void.

How do we label trust?

Is it an emotion, feeling, state of mind, a cognitive function, a skill, or what?

I have tried many ways to trust.

Trust eludes me to this day.

I have rarely trusted anyone beyond the superficial.

How is your relationship with TRUST?

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  1. I don’t think searching the external is where I am going to find healing. This comment also addresses your previous post today.
    Internal healing-the body reactions are not a choice. I have great courage to go to a social event, with heart pounding, all threat sensors on high alert. I have started to ask if going to these events is worth it. What do I get out of the experience. Relief, that I survived?
    My trust has been severelt challenged the last couple of years. Two huge betrayals. And then, I turn the betrayals around and attack myself for trusting in the first place. How could be I be so stupid? again?
    Your blog has been enormously helpful to me. I am seeing progress.
    That is my rant:)

  2. It takes great courage but it does not make next time easier.

    Betrayals and then feeling worthless is common

    Thank you

    You can share without judgment on this blog

  3. I’m confused, why would PTSD be a “choice”. For me healing is where I feel comfortable talking about the abuse and not filling up and choking back tears. I can reflect back with anger, however, with healing it doesn’t rule my life anymore. That doesn’t mean I don’t have flashbacks or dreams anymore, they are just less frequent. Trust is earned, and once broken it’s difficult to trust again. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Others who do not have PTSD do not understand what its like

  5. Posted by rudid96 on July 18, 2022 at 3:12 pm

    Cherished79, focusing one’s attention on healing is optimal. It’s the golden star. However, C-PTSD can form the developing child with divets. I have some relationships, and outsiders would judge them as average. However, C-PTSD has left my soul numb. Do you recall the feeling of having the dentist give you an injection of novocaine? Your brain knows your cheek is there but you can’t feel it? That’s my experience with the big relational words like Trust & Love. I function and have adapted but deep trust and love are reserved for my pets.

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