Yet we also notice that “something” — we can call it awareness, consciousness, or bare attention — remains throughout it all.

From “The Deep Heart”

“Meditation, at least in the form that I am discussing, is a conscious resting in awareness as awareness.

Rest as you are, not trying to change anything.

Let your thoughts, feelings, and sensations simply be.

There is no one trying to reach a particular state or make something happen.

There is just a noticing that all experiences come and go — thoughts (unspoken words, images, plans, and memories) as well as sensations inside and outside the body, some of which we call feelings.

Yet we also notice that “something” — we can call it awareness, consciousness, or bare attention — remains throughout it all.

As we notice this unchanging background, we open and relax into it.

At some point we realize that this open, wakeful, boundless awareness is who we really are.”

12 responses to this post.

  1. thanks for sharing, it makes sense.

  2. It does

    Not easy though

  3. i kinda know. i made multiple attempt to even try meditation and they all failed. it’s hard to bring yourself in that zone.

  4. It is challenging at first but with practice

    I made a model to help

    Have you tried it?

  5. i havent tried it yet. i will keep this open on my phone so that i can keep checking
    thanks a lot for sharing

  6. i couldn’t thank you enough for this! 🙂

  7. Start out slow

    Eyes open trace the breathing track, notice the transitions

    The breath is like a sheet of music

    Intake, pause, exhale, pause

    Trace it with eyes open with your finger

    Then with eyes closed

    Start out with five breaths and work up to ten

    U can do it anywhere anytime

  8. We journey together

    Remember you are doing nothing, influencing nothing

    We are observing, seeing thoughts arrive, stay a while, then leave

    Practice practice practice

    Enjoy it

  9. thanks for guiding, i will take a screenshot of this and i already saved both the links you shared. thanks a lot!

  10. Thank you sooo much!

  11. This blog is for assistance and guidance I hope

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