Updated: Effects of the Adrenal Dump by Peyton Quinn!… This is fear, what we call the fight or flight mechanism,


1 – Loss of fine motor control.
2 – Tunnel Vision.
3 – Auditory Exclusion.
4 – Tachypsychia.
5 – Increased heart rate and blood pressure.

1- Loss of Fine Motor Control: Good Karate fighters are often unable to defend themselves at all when attacked by the instructor in the armor. During their first time out in a scenario they often flail ineffectually, perhaps trying to execute every technique they know all at once, but with little or no contact achieved. They get ahead of themselves.

2 – Tunnel Vision: Students will not even see the instructor-attacker draw a knife right in front of them. They will fail to see a second attacker as they tunnel in on the first one in front of them.

3 – Auditory Exclusion: The student will have auditory exclusion, such as not understanding or remembering what the assailant said before the attack, even though he may have screamed very loudly or engaged the student in a graphic verbal attack before the physical one. They may see the other attendees cheering or yelling out during their fight and yet not be aware of any sound.

4 – Tachypsychia: This phenomenon may best be explained by selecting an example that may be familiar to you. If you have been in auto accident, did things appear to move in slow motion just before the impact? If you are watching your kid on jungle Gym and see they are about to fall, did things seem to slow down in to slow motion? One effect the adrenal complex has on us is sometimes to speed up our visual processing — hence we see faster and things thus seem to move in slow motion. This is achieved by switching the auditory processing power to the visual cortex. This is why we see, but do not hear much in a crisis — that is, we experience auditory exclusion.

5 – Increased Heart Rate and Blood Pressure: Once the cues of danger are perceived, your blood pressure and heart rate will immediately rise.
Other important adrenal effects include:

1 – Blood clotting faster.
2 – Increased tolerance to pain.
3 – Greater physical strength, endurance and speed.

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