Japan: Another Perspective



From CNN’s Mayumi Maruyama in Hong Kong:

“Japan reported only one death due to firearms in 2021, according to the National Police Agency.



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  1. Japan’s longest-serving Prime Minister Shinzo Abe urged the public not to discriminate against those who chose to remain unvaccinated. Simultaneously, he refused to mandate the injection and felt individuals should have freedom of choice regarding personal medical decisions. Abe made global headlines after executives announced anomalous metals had been discovered inside Moderna batches. More than 1.6 million doses were immediately suspended. The move prompted many consumers to cancel vaccination appointments and triggered an investigation by European drug regulators. During a recent parliamentary election campaign, Abe was executed by a lone shooter. Japan has some of the strictest gun laws in the world.

  2. Interesting

    Thanks for the wisdom

  3. Reportedly the mind controlled assassin used a homemade double barrel shotgun.

  4. It was two pipes taped together

  5. You’re welcome. I have a soft spot within for Japan and love their elegance.
    Hiroshima was japan’s largest population city of Christians.
    The big picture of all this is more than Reuters or Gannett would publish.

  6. Japan gave us zen Buddhism and the activities if works war two

    Then they changed after the war and became a democracy

    A small island who dominated half the world for the first six months of world war two

  7. Buddhism is one of many religions, and religions are all narratives to hide the truth which is Jesus. All nations are presided over by reptilian overlords, Satan’s serpent seed: here is an image of Japan’s https://eatingtoascend.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/annunakistatuesinjapan.jpg and China has the Red Dragon, America has Quetzlcoatyl, etc. Same cast of characters, Lucifer is all about avatars. I admired the grace of their design, and Japan’s woodcuts framed the sensibilities of graphic design when the Ad Age started. Religions are about dualism, and we were genetically modified to have brains, neural networks and GI’s to be receptive to addictions and trauma as human etheric energy fodder for the devil and his earth rulers. In the book I mentioned your breathing track in, the chapter Break The Chains of Sugar and Wheat, I show how CPTSD and addictions are primed in us. But Japan… all wars are Hegelian Dialectic. We’re in one big theater and it’s the final act.

  8. Soto zen Buddhism is a non dualistic driven entity

    There is no ego

  9. But there is Satan, and the only freedom from trauma, grief and PTSD is through Jesus, and thisis coming from one who is one of the first AMA recognized as having non-combat PTSD arising from abuse since birth. We were (humans) genetically modified by the reptilian race and the battle occurs within the mind. Hence the MK Ultra mind control now completely carried out with mobile phones.
    I refrain from commenting usually, as most think I don’t know what PTSD is – hahaha! Oh I do! But many have been so miscegeneted genetically that they feel pain but can never hear the truth, are dead men walking.
    It’s all about Jesus, who IS LIFE. The entire earth history is a Holy War.
    My last comment here, it’s your blog, not mine.
    God Bless you, Marty. I pray you will read my book the same name as my blog ❤ PS it's my birthday, and I am grateful ti be here to love others. Namaste, Marty.

  10. Happy birthday


    I welcome respectful dialogue

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