Beyond the Ordinary mind…….Opening the Deep Heart


From The Deep Heart:

“If we inquire into who we really are, we will quickly come to a “don’t know.”

This is not a mistake.

It signals that we have gone as far as the ordinary mind can go.

We have made a critically important discovery — the limit of the mind’s ability to know that which is not an object.”
My two cents: I have gone as far as the ordinary mind can take me on my healing path.

So where do I (we) go from here?

Beyond where the ordinary mind can grasp, our felt sense, our deep heart.

I breathe into my felt sense (my soul, my spiritual center) located in my solar plexus.

I focus and observe, nothing else, meditation surrenders gently, waiting for the heart to open.

It is great to have purpose and hope.

Maybe we will find out who we are in the process.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Beyond the mind is freedom and peace … it takes courage from the heart. 💕

  2. I am searching

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