“Let it in” ………….from the Deep Heart


When we open ourselves to heart wisdom, we open our conditioned body-mind to the light of awareness.

When this happens, it often feels as if separate and driven compartments within our body are being touched by warmth and light.

As we open to a deeper truth, we can often feel an interior softening and melting—the inner armor is softening; the inner ice melting.

The individual body-mind—-what we ordinarily take to be our self—has been under the effect of powerful conditioning for many years.

This conditioning leaves its imprint on the way we consciously and subconsciously think, feel, sense, and act.

We have been innocently dividing, freezing, numbing, armoring, coiling, ignoring and attacking ourselves from an early age, and this divisive and self-protective process has tremendous momentum.

It takes time for it to undo itself.

The stronger the conditioning, both in terms of intensity and duration, the longer this unwinding process takes.

While this conditioning can substantially diminish, I doubt if it ever ends.

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