Soul Level part 1. —- from The Deep Heart

The soul level is an intermediary dimension between ego and Self.

This level is often denied or dismissed by rationally oriented psychologists who have never contacted it experientially.

It’s also overlooked by those spiritual teachers who accent the transcendent and impersonal.

It is a subtle, archetypical level explored by Jungians, students of shamanism, purpose guides, and people interested in unusual states of consciousness.

Transpersonal psychology has become largely fixated on the soul for decades.

New Agers also tend to gravitate here, fascinated by the possibility of cultivating subtle powers of the mind to gain wealth, health, or status via the law of attraction.

When we are open and attuned to this level, we feel ourselves moving more intuitively in harmony with a greater flow.

My two cents: through my meditative practice I search for this level.

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  1. Posted by rudid96 on July 6, 2022 at 2:22 pm

    Creative confabulations can be associated when humans attempt to make sense of the meditative practice. If this helps you heal those deeply troubled parts, then you’ve found another tool.

  2. My meditative practice has helped me heal to whatever extent currently.

    Exploring the heart and opening it up is my current focus.

    I visualize my heart or my soul around my solar plexus not the pump as this book describes it

  3. I had to look up confabulations

    I can see how meditation is hard to describe, we travel to a place where words are absent, then return and try to describe it with words.


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