It’s Not the Pump: part 2 from the DEEP HEART!

“Our subjective experience of the heart varies enormously depending upon how intimate we are with it and, correspondingly, how separate we take ourselves to be from others.

If we are distant and alienated from our Self, we will in turn experience this with others.

For example, if on some level we are caught in a story of our unworthiness and the related feelings of shame and the fear of rejection, we feel split within ourselves and separate from others.

To put it simply, our heart feels closed, so much so that we may not even know what an open heart feels like.

Most of us have had at least episodes of thinking and feeling this way.

If this state becomes chronic, we will feel that we are lacking or flawed in an uncaring or hostile universe.

As a result, we suffer unnecessarily, radiating this suffering out to those around us.”

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