Love versus Betrayal

Is betrayal impossible with true love?

How do you know for sure?

Is betrayal, part of true love?

How can they exist together, being extreme opposites.

Does true love die when one betrays the other.

Was it really true love?

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  1. Betrayal is far more insidious for abused kids.

    We feel the damage to our core

    Our behavior changes as we trust others less and less

  2. Posted by rudid96 on July 2, 2022 at 4:00 pm

    Abused kids usually walk around with an invisible antenna that’s ever-ready to pick up all kinds of abusive signals. Some ignore those signals and return to the familiar abusive cycle. Others, spend their lives running and hiding. Fewer still learn to use the super power wisely.

  3. How many heal is my question

    How many have a life close to normal

    How many trust?

    How many quit avoiding

  4. Good questions … and I don’t know the answers to them.

  5. Thanks for the honesty

    You have been stung by betrayal

    It never quite goes away.

    It’s always there deep down wondering about every relationship

    You can never unring that bell

    Thanks again for your input

  6. No, you can never unring that bell. A good description, Marty.

  7. True love is when we no longer feel separate.

  8. Interesting

    I have to claim ignorance

    I have never felt that way

    So not feeling separate eliminates the chance of betrayal?

  9. When you feel as one, there cannot be betrayal. True love may not be possible with an other human as most of us see ourselves as separate beings.

  10. …. and as humans we all have wounds of the heart that we protect by keeping ourselves separate.

  11. How do you feel as one?

    As a young man I thought true love existed until one night of public betrayal on campus

    I learned the hard way

    I only control me, but I have no control over a mate

    So true love may not be possible

    Abused kids lack trust so finding another human for true love is near impossible

    My opinion

  12. I agree

  13. Have you experienced true love
    And did it last

  14. With an other person, love can last but it changes over time. It’s only a reflection of a yearning that is deep within us all, the yearning to be loved unconditionally. True love is the way of spirituality. Finding the loving source within you, that is beyond the pain and trauma of the heart. When we connect to this place of peace, we begin to see it around us, and in others. A spiritual psychotherapist is a great resource and freind on this journey. I follow the work of John J Prendergast, and before that, John Welwood. I’d recommend “Perfect Love, Imperfect Relationships”

  15. I will check them out

    Thank you

  16. I know the portal is through the heart

    My kundalini practice is an attempt to open mine

  17. Yes – energy work plays an important part for releasing inner blockages and scars. 🙏

  18. Reading some John J Prendergast

  19. Just bought deep heart

  20. I have Pendergast other book

    In Touch

  21. I fell in love with In Touch some time ago. It really resonated with me and my yoga practice. The Deep Heart is so insightful and practical. I did a couple of online meditation and self inquiry retreats with John during the pandemic. It was so supportive and a nice group of people. You can find out what he’s up to on his website.

  22. Public betrayal brings a lot of shame and deep distrust in yourself and others. This must have been so hard. John Prendergast talks a lot about shame and self worth and breaking into the heart space.

  23. Not easy

  24. I am going to revisit that book

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