PTSD emotions

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When we are triggered or PTSD is active our emotions spike in intensity.

If you observe a small child, the slightest upset will be met with extreme emotions, tantrums even.

A small child lacks the skill to be slightly or moderately upset, it’s all or nothing.

So black and white, so literal, so like PTSD.

We feel imminent danger without actual danger anywhere near.

Triggered I have bolted from restaurants, groceries, sporting events, etc., and been laughed at later by friends. They see no danger and are clueless about PTSD.

I have worked with PTSD people who were triggered, their fight or flight mechanism firing.

Normal emotions are overpowered, and panic ensues if you react.

For me, being able to meditate intently, dissipates the drugs of the fight or flight mechanism.

Mindfulness/Meditation can calm our anxiety and increase emotional stability.

Without my daily healing actions, PTSD would be much more destructive.

We need to calm PTSD because depression is part of the PTSD comorbid universe.

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