PTSD: My daily challenges

Parts of every day are filled with trauma memories and depressive thoughts.

Resentment and shame overflow my soul, and unworthiness permeates my being.

This daily battle is the price I pay to stay alive.

Distrust grows when PTSD brings these strong feelings of unworthiness.

I am both ashamed and afraid of these destructive thoughts that enter my consciousness.

A separate entity lives inside kids who were abused.

I battle this demon.

How would you live this life?

Remember I have a decade of intense effort trying to heal using therapists, reading, and meditating.

4 responses to this post.

  1. PTSD has morphed into depression and resentment

    I suffer at times during the day

    It is part of life for me and many other abused kids

    Our lives are difficult and painful

  2. Posted by rudid96 on June 10, 2022 at 3:38 pm

    There’s a healer that I’ve heard speak on the Internet about the power of daily journaling personal resentments. I believe the origins of this practice might have come from an AA practice. She firmly believes it helps to regulate a traumatized mind and soul. What do you think? I’ve not done it primarily because I’m lazy and I’m cautious about documenting private revelations. I couldn’t deal with the possibility of it being found and read by anyone.
    Curious, what are some of your daily resentments?

  3. This blog is my daily journal

    Not always resentment but I have voiced my resentment

    I resent how I have been treated

    I resent the person who publicly betrayed me after my childhood more than any other action in my life

    It did more damage than my childhood

    I resent my inability to trust, to form healthy attachments

    Where is the justice for our life

    What is our purpose

    How do you explain our childhood

    I resent my father, my childhood, and especially my first and only attachment ending in betrayal

  4. Forgiveness is at the heart of resentment, or should I say the inability to let go

    How do you let go of childhood abuse and PTSD

    My resentments are alive every day, I need not journal them and nothing seems to slow them down

    Thoughts arrive on their own

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