PTSD: Is Happiness possible?

I have read and studied PTSD in the military.

Many soldiers who went through a war unscathed by PTSD develop trauma symptoms later in life.

For me, it took a family crisis for my childhood abuse to explode at 55.

I can not tell you if it is better or worse to get PTSD immediately or 50 years later.

My symptoms functioned under the radar, I avoided without knowing it was a symptom.

My take on this: Serious childhood abuse and the gore of war always follow the victim through life.

The severity depends on many factors.

I never thought about seeking help (therapy), I did not know I had Complex PTSD.

The quicker you address trauma the better your chance at healing.

PTSD does not get better with time, it deepens its devastating hold on the host.

Being a senior is said to be the happiest time in life.

Complex PTSD changes that happiness into a battle for sanity.

Happiness is a strange, almost scary concept for me.

Are we failures without happiness?

PTSD brings challenges, pain, suffering, anxiety, intrusive thoughts, avoidance, and fear, and happiness has very little time and space to blossom.

Are you happy, and healed from your childhood abuse?

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  1. Posted by rudid96 on May 27, 2022 at 9:10 pm

    I wonder what life would’ve been like had circumstances been different. Sometimes I’m angry but mostly, I just want to carve out at least 1 to 2 chapters that let me live. Personally, part of the difficulty is I’m still dealing with some very toxic family. Here’s a tiny recent example. My elderly mother was having a medical issue. I’m the designated family caretaker & accompanied her to the doctor. My mother compliments her female doctor and says “I always wanted a daughter that looked like you.” She then points to me and sneers & says “But just look what I got.” Then she rolls her eyes. Sometimes it’s easier when your Past has passed.

  2. Most of my family I have not conversed within a decade or two

    I left my hometown and moved across the country

    It was much easier to have boundaries

    Your mom feels comfortable verbally abusing you

    She looks bad in front of the female doctor

    It is triggering I bet

  3. Posted by rudid96 on May 28, 2022 at 2:45 pm

    Please pardon my posted complaint. My anger regarding the situation got ahead of my brain. The question was “PTSD: Is Happiness Possible?” My response, occasionally but its sustainability is questionable. The long-haul version, C-PTSD, requires utilizing the tools in a regimented self-care plan. The tools must be used daily or underlying, structural cracks reappear and become unmanageable.
    Yesterday, the early part of the day was a bath of unpleasant emotions. In the afternoon, a 2-hour strenuous hike let fly those endorphins. I was happy.
    I prepare to meet the day today. Without exercise, life becomes unmanageable.

  4. No worries, no apology needed

    Emotional regulation is an issue for us

    Mood swings are prevalent

    Yes unpleasant emotions are a mainstay

    We may ignore them but they are present and active

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