PTSD: stuck on the same Tune!

Rudid96 opines:

“It seems like I’ve been stuck on the same radio station for most of my life. The same tunes keep popping up, only the volume changes.”


My two cents: Childhood trauma is intertwined with our brain development.

It’s hidden in the crevices, I know, he sneaks out when he fancies.

PTSD is like a vine that wraps around a tree, damn near impossible to separate the two.

Do they merge in places, embed inside each other a certain depth?

From my viewpoint, separating PTSD and my brain are impossible.

I have only known abuse from my earliest memories, so my brain knows nothing but PTSDs presence.

At one time I tried to escape PTSD, hid in my garage, alone in the dark.

There was no escape, Childhood trauma followed me, a permanent companion.

It is my sirens song, the perceived danger, and unworthiness.

Does anyone share my emotions and symptoms?

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