Someone asks, What does healed look like for me?

In my mind I would feel worthy and trust people if I healed.



Somehow I would have a slew of trusted friends.

Worthiness and trust are strangers to my life, criticism and violence were my childhood companions.

Next in public, in social interactions, I would feel free and easy, having a strong desire for community and relationships.

Then my nervous system would calm, spotting danger would subside, feeling connections would replace isolation, and finally at least a week of happy-go-lucky experiences.

Triggers would disappear, intrusive thoughts would be gone, and anxiety would be replaced with a calm confident demeanor.

I would feel secure and safe.

Traumatic memories would be buried and never be resurrected again.

I think I would faint from euphoria.

What would healing look like for you?

3 responses to this post.

  1. I did not mention pleasure or happiness or what they would look like.

    I would hope being healed would lead to happiness.

    When I look back on life, there was always turmoil, unworthiness and suffering, if I have a memory of being happy it is buried.

    Being healed would be a miracle on it’s own.

    I want to feel a calm piece, a healthy mind filled with wellbeing

    What are your goals

  2. Posted by rudid96 on May 13, 2022 at 7:52 pm

    My time was usurped and my response to this post has been delayed. I read your initial response to my question backward. Interestingly, in your subsequent post, you listed ‘Trust’. I would list Trust as a top healing feature. C-PTSD significantly weakens if not destroys this quality. Trust leads to resilience & hope. Even if one is resolved to stay in the fight (as you have often encouraged) it can feel like one is slogging through the days rather than celebrating them.

  3. No guarantees and no crying in baseball

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