Many more stressors are happening

I wonder how PTSDers navigated life during the Civil War or the great depression.



It seems as if the world and America have come unglued.

Covid has changed everything, our political upheaval has such vitriol, and now Roe v. Wade will bring fervent protests and violence.

If you have a dedicated meditation practice, you realize we are on this journey in harmony not competition, our path is to give and help others less fortunate.

It’s inclusion, we are all equal human beings. What a novel concept we have forgotten. Let’s clear out the homeless, they are not real people.

The intensity of hate, racism, and violence saddens me.

Where are the peacemakers and true leaders?

One side hates the other side and vice versa, as an eye for an eye leaves us all blind and lost.

Do you see more happiness, kindness or more healing in this current climate?

If you have PTSD, this turmoil heightens your distrust and fear, life becomes narrower.

4 responses to this post.

  1. It seems like an extra dose of not safe has been added to the mix. Definitely. It can make it hard to see how much progress I’ve actually made since the scenario/world I’m dealing with is (seemingly) so much worse than before.

  2. My therapist said covid made all his PTSD, depression clients have gotten worse

    They told us other people were dangerous

    We already believed they were

    Now we are supposed to go back to our normal

  3. Yep. To be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever been less willing to take risks. Even driving to a park a couple of miles away to take a hike, gets calculated with excruciating precision.
    I see rays of light but the bounce around my own personal spirituality and not so much anything that would translate to others. I can only hope that others also find something to carry them through to an other side that feels like it was all worth it.

  4. Meditation has been my safe space

    I can venture out and navigate most things but avoid crowds and perceived danger

    I have used exposure therapy and went out and faced my perceived fear, my triggers

    We all have to do it at some time It was euphoric to ride out a trigger in public, it was not easy

    Even though I was successful it did not make it easier the next time and I suffered emotionally before during and after I did it

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