PTSD decides how he/she manifests in our bodies

I have read about and worked with PTSD sufferers who have varied triggers.



An EMT’s nervous system fires from the smell of diesel, crowds send another into full-blown adrenal response while others panic in confined spaces.

Social anxiety and people staring at me launched my fight or flight mechanism, why I have no idea.

Well, my dad was a violent and critical narcissist, who could not feel empathy, I was his target, his firstborn, isolated, perfect for control.

My triggers are linked to my childhood abuse.

We do not get to choose, our PTSD will pick his/her triggers.

Our fight or flight firing is out of our control, external forces launch on their own.

Our reaction is what we control.

This is why we avoid, trying to stop our fight-flight from firing.

Wherever our trigger manifests we avoid it at times.

Think of a soldier with PTSD, the last place you will find him is on a battlefield or anywhere that reminds him of war.

Now my fight or flight is dormant, triggers are more emotional followed by intrusive thoughts, those unworthy feelings.

Besides our adrenal stress response dumping cortisol and adrenaline into our bloodstream, PTSD manifests in different body parts.

For me it is my solar plexus, others feel it around their throat or their neck, or groin area.

PTSD and depression create a hybrid disorder for me.

It is as though these two disorders have merged.

Does anyone identify with this post?

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  1. Posted by Anonymous on April 24, 2022 at 2:27 pm

    Totally relate to the fight or flight response. Took me until I was 18 to figure out why physical fighting scared me to pieces.

  2. Many subconscious beliefs stay hidden

    Emotions are connected to these thoughts

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