PTSD: Does it have a sexual component?

From my experience, PTSD takes a dark turn when sex is part of the abuse.

Whether it be rape, sexual assault or betrayal, this type of PTSD is damaging.

Except for war, females are twice as likely to have PTSD.

PTSD discussion boards are full of women who had been sexually assaulted as little girls.

How does this impact intimacy and trust?

They never go back to normal or the way things were before the rape.

Some are trapped and suffer, it is sad to witness their hopelessness.

Does your PTSD have a sexual component?

How much does it impact today?

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  1. Mine absolutely does. It’s the hardest thing for me to even try to overcome or be “normal” at. It’s probably my biggest struggle right now, by far

  2. While on Ptsd discussion boards I found the audience 95% female

    Molested by dad grandpa uncle or neighbor

    Unbelievable how many

    Thank you for sharing

    Being normal or trying to be normal exhausts energy and time

  3. Among a few others, mine was my uncle. And not even until recently…this past year. I have little memory of my childhood, but I wouldn’t be surprised it something happened then, too.
    I’d even just aim for functional at this point, but even that seems like a stretch.
    It’s crazy how many of us this happens to.

  4. Little memory of our childhood seems common to us

    It’s our thought patterns
    Worry and doubt haunt us

    It’s a kind of abstract fear
    Emotional PTSD fear

  5. Posted by Anonymous on April 16, 2022 at 3:24 pm

    You removed my comment and changed your list. Why?

  6. I did not remove anything on purpose

    Please send another response. I rarely delete anything unless abusive

    What list are you talking about

    I am confused

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