PTSD: Morning Routine

I wake up early, anxiety flows, and thoughts of navigating the day enhance those anxious feelings.

During coffee, my writing process kicks in.

The topic is something I have read or a current challenge.

Writing seems cathartic, a creative distraction, wished I played a musical instrument.



Meditation is next, every morning a 30-minute sit.

Meditation dissipates anxiety, calms the nervous system plus contributes to our wellbeing.

We carry more anxiety drugs, our nervous system idles much faster, and we are prone to the quick escalation of panic.

Worry and doubt arrive early, I sit in the middle of this unrest to quell the storm.

We can be caught off guard and overwhelmed by situations.

I concentrate on calming my nervous system in the morning.

Slow focused breaths have worked wonders for me.

Chores and hiking round out the morning.

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