Pleasure from Pain

From the “The Sweet Spot

“Some of this book will explain why we get pleasure from these experiences.



It turns out that the right kind of pain can set the stage for enhanced pleasure later on; it’s a cost we pay for a greater future reward.

Pain can distract us from our anxieties, and even help us transcend the self.

Choosing to suffer can serve social goals; it can display how tough we are or, conversely, can serve as a cry for help.

Unpleasant emotions such as fear and sadness are part of play and fantasy and can provide certain moral satisfaction.

And effort and struggle and difficulty can, in the right contexts, lead to the joys of mastery and flow.“
My two cents: Victory is more fulfilling when the opponent is fierce and scary, worthless when no risk of loss is involved.

We run marathons, climb mountains, and endure grueling events voluntarily.

How many people have died climbing Everest or K-2?



For what purpose?

Playing pro sports, I have been in close contact with the adrenaline junky, willing to risk life and limb for a thrill.

One last thing, pain is ever-present, an excellent focus object for meditating.

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