Distraction is a useful skill!

Intrusive thoughts from PTSD are difficult to slow down once they get rolling.




Distracting myself at the critical moment can curtail the onslaught.

Once my old betrayal gains a foothold with his resentment and anger, PTSD gains control.

I have tools to combat intrusive thoughts, I touch each finger to my thumb repeating the word, RELEASE RELEASE RELEASE RELEASE.

Depression and PTSD are difficult to quiet after they ramp up their power.

Understanding the mechanism of PTSD is essential.

Practice and prepare for the trigger explosions, the intrusive thoughts, the hyper-vigilance, and anxiety.

Limit avoidance as much as possible.

Know your strengths and weaknesses.

Know PTSD’s symptoms and the dominant thoughts that arrive.

Use your strengths, adapt all therapies to use your strengths.

I am a jock so I hike and use athletic skills to heal.

I am a mediator so all therapy is applied using my meditative skills.

Find a safe space and challenge PTSD’s hold on you.

Here is a new thought, attack PTSD using our healing skills.

I find it satisfying to go on the attack against PTSD.

Happy Healing!

5 responses to this post.

  1. So glad you are exploring ways to manage and relieve your distress. An other somatic movement that soothes is bringing a finger to your lips. It brings on the baby response when suckling. Along with slow counting of breath I use it to go back to sleep.

  2. Nothing is foolproof against PTSD

    It is a daily battle

    For me PTSD is a constant companion, he is always there, ready to take control

    I have to distract the intrusive thought patterns or I relive old trauma

    Healing looks nothing like I ever imagined

    That I am healed and PTSD is gone never happens

  3. Thanks

    I have applied these tools for a decade, focusing on my breath, meditation has saved my life

    At my lowest, I was stuck in my garage (agoraphobic) with my fight or flight firing ten plus times a day

    Meditation saved me

    Plus a stubborn trait of never giving up

  4. Posted by rudid96 on April 16, 2022 at 1:53 pm

    2 dates have loomed gargantuan on my calendar. My experience of being trapped with no way out and no resources were fired big time.
    My attendance – is mandatory. As the first date loomed my level of triggering reached full-blown hysteria. My thoughts regularly returned to suicide. Every ounce of my being clung to learned therapeutic techniques. My trauma has created a duality; wanting human help and asking for help.
    Healing is in micro-moments. Perhaps there’s a smaller measurement? I crossed my self-imposed divide and revealed the moment to my somatic coach. Talk therapy is great when the ‘thinking-brain’ is online. However, Parts work and somatic therapy access the core terrors in the eye of the storm.
    As you see by my words, I didn’t commit suicide, and self-harm was sidestepped. Yea me! Holding on to the breath, mindfulness, Parts-work, and a myriad of other tools are my companions as I prepare to face the 2nd date.
    Taking a deep breath – and ready to make the climb

  5. This sounds like a crisis Rudid96

    Do you feel, comfortable expanding on the two dates

    I am a little lost

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