Sunday: Week in Review

It has been a stellar week, PTSD has receded back into the cracks of darkness.

Less symptom activity, more letting go is happening, a big break in the action with neutral and positive emotions flowing.

I am still guarded but optimistic.

Mornings are happier, life has opportunities and some joy at times.

I see this more as PTSD receding, opportunity is always there just covered up by active trauma.

PTSD is a dark cloud that follows us, our personal bad weather machine.



PTSD is abstract, confusing but powerfully charged with partial control of our nervous system (defense mechanism).

Healing happens at optimum rates when we can stay calm over longer periods.

Being triggered, full of cortisol and adrenaline, this upset confuses and damages our chances of well-being.

The ability to dissipate cortisol and adrenaline becomes a soothing skill for recovery.

Learn to use your breath to calm the nervous system.

I hope this period of relief holds.

Happy Healing!

3 responses to this post.

  1. I do not know why this week has been so different, so much better at times.

    The dark moments are intermittent and vanish quicker

    My mood has been much better

    Crossing my fingers this holds

    I do my work every day whether I am triggered or calm

    Never give up, we never know when a break is coming

    That has always been true for me

  2. I’m so happy that you are feeling better. 💕

  3. Thank you

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