PTSD: The past is a minefield

A great PTSD skill would be faulty memory or bad memory.

It is difficult because PTSD is stored in the right amygdala, a place where we have no conscious access.

So trauma memory is offline, but amazingly active when PTSD comes alive.

Time is distorted, the sequence of events gets jumbled, and confusion reigns as part of the brain goes offline.

We enter the damaging abstract time zone of PTSD.

Even when we are strong, we avoid future unrest with a passion.

I avoided triggers until I found myself in my dark garage for six months.

Our defense mechanism takes over control, we isolate and manage risks.



Lately, I am winning, intrusive thoughts have calmed, and letting go works better, not flawless or bulletproof.

PTSD: No guarantees, no safe spaces, life will have more risks and drama.

Accept this fate and try to improve or be a victim.

No ties in this battle, PTSD wins or we do.

Happy healing.

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