PTSD: Can we be Special?

Accepting the damage, moving on, and trying to have PTSD not define us is our goal.

Does writing this blog help or hinder me from moving on?



I deal with PTSD every day on here.

Seems to heal, we handle our symptoms whether meditating, using therapy skills, or working to integrate trauma.

Yesterday, I won, PTSD GOT LOCKED out of my life for a good day.

Sunday, he won the day. I played defense and waited for his spell to break.

Even when PTSD explodes or gains control, we can limit the duration he rules our being.

This is a war, people lose their lives because of trauma’s impact.

Soldiers have committed suicide because of PTSD AT AN ALARMING RATE.

We can teach them how to kill but fail to teach them how to live with the consequences.

We fight to avoid being a victim at all costs, we suffer if we succumb to this demon.

I tell myself very few people could navigate my childhood, I am special. You also navigate PTSD where your friends would fail.

Not the way anyone wants to be special but it helps me endure PTSD’s damages.

We are special in a weird trauma-related way.



We journey together sharing successes and hardships.

We, PTSD sufferers are a special group, this blog is a meeting place for us.

Happy Healing.

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