Why does war, soldiers killing other soldiers never fade from their memories.

Why does war, soldiers killing other soldiers never fade from their memories.

Experienced at 18, still vibrant and lethal inside their minds at 80.




A late-life crisis can explode that hidden war anew.

Some soldiers handled war with no side effects until later in life.

Then a mental disorder arrives, it is called PTSD.

Life will never be the same.

Why can they not let it go?

That’s the wrong question.

PTSD is stored and activated from a place we can not access. It’s called the right amygdala, tasked with defense.

It overrides normal thought, actually part of the brain shuts down when the amygdala takes over.

It runs on it’s own, comes and goes on it’s own schedule.

Normal people think we are weak-minded and healing is simple, straightforward.

Good luck healing trauma from that space.

I do not hear therapists or people telling soldiers to just let it go and things will be fine.

So many suicides would not happen, ptsd would be cured world wide.

Just letting go could put our psychiatric industry out of business.

We can summon PTSD by thinking, but we do not control when it appears.

Normal people do not understand the mechanism of PTSD.

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